Christian McManus

In 2017 and after not moving for nearly 10 years, my wife and I were in fairly new territory. 

However, after seeing an advertisement for the Bloom Estate - being built not far from our current home, my wife decided to give Eloise a call. 

Even though only some of the estate was finished, Eloise was quick to reassure my wife that new houses were only weeks from being completed and she was sure she could assist us in finding a new home. She was very quick in organising inspections, providing floor plans to unfinished houses etc. We didn't even bother trying to find another property. We decided after first meeting Eloise that Bloom is where we wanted to live. 

Once my wife had decided on what she was looking for, Eloise had contacted us within 48 hours to advise she had a found us a rental - in a brand new home. Not only that but it was exactly what my wife requested and available at the same time our current lease had expired. The transition was super smooth - Eloise made everything so easy for us - She even greeted us on moving day and took a photo of us in front of our new house!

We have already signed our first lease extension, and another is just around the corner. Eloise and the Team at Konnect Property Management are the pinnacle of where Real Estate agents should be. They are professional, thorough and above all a team of people that you can trust. 

I have rented my entire adult life (43 years old) and can honestly say I've never felt more at home than I do at Bloom Estate with Eloise and her team. 




Christian McManus