West End


West End is Left of Centre.


The inner city suburb of West End is a lively mixture of cultures and the bohemian heart of Brisbane.


The quirky local style can be described as a fusion of multicultural, alternative and vintage. The shops, restaurants and atmosphere reflect this suburb's eclectic personality.


Stroll through the Davies Park Markets where aspiring designers peddle their wares amongst organic grocers, cosy bars and coffee houses. The Cafés, Bars and Restaurants offer an experience with a twist - cocktails served in a Chinese opium den, or cigar bar, breakfast served in an old gun shop, Turkish delights eaten overlooking the river, a cupcake parlour and the famous Hi-Fi, playing the hottest live music.


Make the most of this Riverside Location with perfect proximity to Public Transport, Brisbane CBD, The Best Schools ie. West End State School and Brisbane State High School, and much more.


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Below is a map of the West End Area